Albana Cokaj

Albana Cokaj

Master Colour Designer

Years of Experience

14 years

Creative Influences

European fashion and design

Some Current Interests

Fashion, New colouring techniques

Favourite Products

L'Oréal INOA Colours

Albana began her career in her native Albania. After immigrating to North America, she worked on the east coast of the USA before moving to Vancouver and joining Suki's. After additional training and perfecting her already impressive skills, she became a Colour Designer with us.

Albana brings a holistic approach and believes that her work should help set off the haircut. Her consultations are very thorough and her colour work, especially her balayage, is modern and breathtaking. If you want beautiful hair and the knowledge of how to care for it, Albana is your ideal choice.

Albana is BeautySafe Certified.

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