When we look our best, we are more connected with ourselves. We feel lighter, stronger, more balanced, more confident – and yes, happier. Making people look and feel better is what we do every day. 

working at suki's

You'll love working at Suki's. We offer the opportunity to work at the most exicting hair salon in North America. Our staff are all highly trained, passionate professionals. We are always interested in hiring dedicated, positive, and highly skilled stylists, technicians, estheticians, salon coordinators, and apprentices.


Please email your resume to [email address protected by javascript] with a cover letter. After we receive your resume, we will contact you if we decide to proceed with an interview. If your interview is successful, we will assess your cutting, styling, and/or colouring skills on live models that we require you to find. Based on the results of your models, we will determine how much additional training you will require. Most applicants are required to take 1-3 months of retraining in our Academy, at a cost to themselves. After completing your training, you must pass a final exam that ensures that you meet Suki's high standards and are qualified to start work on our floor. It isn't easy to become a stylist or colourist here, but it is, in every way, worth the effort once you do make it to the floor. Please do not apply to Suki's if you are not commited to working at the highest levels in our industry and willing to invest time and money into improving your skills. 


Suki's Apprenticeship Program is designed to fully prepare you for working at the highest levels of salon business - with Suki's. To apply as an apprentice, you do not need to have any previous experience working in the hair industry, although many of our apprentices are graduates of basic hair school programs. We look to hire stylish, reliable, mature, and hard working individuals with great communication skills and a love of people, originality and creativity.

Suki's apprentices work in the salon full time and are paid a provincial minimum wage. Your duties will include assisting stylists and technicians with blowdries and colour applications, shampoos, cleaning, and laundry. In return, we will train you for free on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. These evenings are highly structured 2-3 hour classes that will teach you all the basics of colouring, texturizing, styling, and cutting hair.


In addition to the above, you will need to demonstrate a burning desire to do world-class work and always present yourself in a professional and stylish manner.


[email address protected by javascript]

Michelle Harrison

c/o Suki's

Unit 206 - 1030 West Georgia St.

Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y3