hair services


Suki's Stylists are known internationally for the quality and creativity of their cutting and styling.
All are adept at working with all hair types and styles and have undergone the same extensive
advanced education and passed a grueling final exam. Most of our staff completed an Apprenticeship
with us as well prior to entering the Suki's Academy for a 12-week advanced cutting course.

All haircutting services at Suki's include a thorough consultation, shampoo, conditioner,
our legendary Suki's scalp massage, and styling.

Womens's Haircuts

- {$60-$125} -

Men's Haircuts

- {$60-$120} -

Fringe Trims

- {$10} -

Children's Haircuts

Children 10 and under receive 30% off Stylist’s regular price.

Some Stylists are not available for children’s haircuts.

Service prices do not include taxes or gratuities and are subject to change without notice.