Larry Gray

Larry Gray

Director of Technical Services
Master Colour Designer, Salon Team Leader

Years of Experience

36 years

Creative Influences

Gauthier, Karl Lagerfield, The Impressionists, All great and passionate artists

Some Current Interests

Fashion, Cooking, Painting, Knitting

Favourite Products

L'Oréal INOA colour, Shu Uemura Essence Absolue, Shu Uemura shampoos and conditioners

Larry is one of North America's most talented and respected colour technicians. He has personally developed a number of widely used colouring and perming techniques and has been instrumental in the development of a major colour line. Larry loves the challenge of all hair types, and generously shares his knowledge with our Academy students as a guest instructor during our Creative Cut and Colour Classes. He brings to his clientele, and our technical services staff, a deeply rooted passion for beautiful, innovative colour work. Larry is a great choice for those who desire healthy, contemporary and sophisticated colour.

Larry is BeautySafe Certified.

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