Miguel Torrena

Miguel Torrena

Colour Designer

Years of Experience


Creative Influences

Art, fashion trends, music.

Some Current Interests

Classic modern, simple and  timeless style. (I believe that fashion always changes but most of the time I wear all black.)

I'm committed fitness and stay quite active with a combination of bootcamp, training-camp, running, and working out. 

Favourite Products

There are a few for different reasons:

I love Shu Uemura Blow Dry Beautifier, Bumble & Bumble Cream and their Invisible Oil (amazing for blondes because it’s a sulfate free and a heat protectant that doesn’t stain the hair).


Also, L'Oréal’s Morning After Dust Dry Shampoo is a must have! I love the smell of this product especially in the morning and doesn't leave any white cast on the hair.


A Smartbond treatment and Smartbond  3 are must haves after chemical work. 

Miguel is a natural when it comes to working with hair.  He believes a wash and wear look is best and loves creating beautiful colors - blondes, balayage, anything natural, pretty and timeless. He is also skilled at soft and appropriate to the eye creative colors.

Miguel grew up loving the arts, particularly painting and drawing because they make him feel good and help with relaxation. This artistic background made him a very quick study when it came to understanding the somewhat complex laws of colour and the elements of design, both foundational pillars of a colour professional. 

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