spa services


Signature Facial

Our signature facial delivers supple, hydrated skin unlike anything you’ve felt before. This personalized

treatment includes exfoliation, massage and masque. Talk about showing a fresh face to the world.
- 60 min {$85} -

Clarifying Facial

A thorough deep cleansing followed by a professional exfoliation to  remove pore-clogging skin cells

and extractions to help clear current  breakouts. The application of our soothing professional masque
system detoxifies skin while calming irritation and redness. Oil free hydration helps hydrate and control
excess surface oil while keeping skin protected.

- 75 min {$90} -

Age Smart Facial

Give your skin a revitalizing boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate
and energize prematurely aging skin. Potent vitamins and hydroxy acids resurface and
retexturize leaving skin hydrated, smoother and firmer.

- 75 min {$100} -

Ultra Calming Facial

A soothing facial that brings relief from red, irritated, reactive and sensitized skin.
Lavender and red-raspberry provide serious relief and calm, soothe and replenish
the most aggravated and inflamed skin. By targeting the triggers behind redness,
itching and stinging, this facial will help strengthen skin against reactions.

- 75 min {$90} -

Chroma White Facial

Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher,
healthier appearance with this effective treatment. Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and
slough off dulling surface cells helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots.
Botanical extracts provide intense moisturization while helping to smooth fine lines,
nourish skin and shield against further environmental damage.

- 75 min {$100} -

Diamond Tone Microdermabrasion

Particle free microdermabrasion refines your skin reducing fine lines and scarring

with minimum irritation. Includes a full cleansing, masque, hydration and eye treatment.

- 75 min {$125} -

Eye treatment

Customized to meet your specific needs, you'll see immediate results from this treatment.
It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.  

- 15 min {$15} -

Ilumi Spa Photo Rejuvenation

A therapeutic treatment that utilizes a state of the art LED laser and infrared techniques
strengthens your skin and increases the production of collagen and elastin.
Immediately improves fine lines, redness and scarring.

- 30 min {$30} -