Teresa Toolsee

Teresa Toolsee

Senior Stylist

Years of Experience

30 years

Creative Influences

Progressive street fashion, Films in which hair makes a prominent statement, Musicians

Some Current Interests

Triathalons, Trying to break 80 in my golf game

Favourite Products

Shu Uemura Tasai Cream, L'Oreal Playball Deviation Paste

Teresa was originally trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, England and has been one of Suki's most popular stylists for many years. Her ability to read people quickly, listen carefully, and steer her guests gently towards flattering choices are some of her strongest strengths. She is particularly adept at men's cuts, curly hair, and short soft styles. Most importantly, she always tries to build on her guests' own sensualtiy. After all, everyone wants to feel sexy!

Teresa is BeautySafe Certified.

Teresa's Services
(starting from)

  • Women's Haircuts$80
  • Men's Haircuts$75
  • Styling$40


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