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Suki came to Vancouver in 1972 and founded the company that year. She was originally trained in London and before moving to Vancouver she lived and worked in Beverly Hill’s at one of the most prestigious and luxe salons as a stylist.

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Suki Takagi

was born in Manchuria during the Japanese occupation in World War 2. After the war her family was forced from their home and as a young girl she was placed in an orphanage for her safety. Her family moved back to Japan and then immigrated to Brazil. She dropped out of school and began working to help her family survive. As a teenager Suki moved to Los Angeles on her own and worked odd jobs while finishing high school. She then attended hair school and was hired as an Apprentice by Gene Shacove. She became a very successful Beverly Hills Hairdresser. In 1972, she moved to Vancouver and purchased small salon called Carousel, where 4 talented men worked. The next day the four men walked out. “We are not working for a woman. And we are definitely not working for a Japanese woman.” She had two young children, no friends, no family support, no staff and no clients. She changed the name of the salon to Suki’s and hairdressing in Canada changed forever…