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Britney Reid, Academy Administrator | 604-738-0519

Sun. 10 - 6pm, Mon. - Thurs. 9 - 5pm

1073 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L7

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Suki's Academy Courses




2 Day Weekender $450

5 Day Advanced Refresher $1100

Additional classes can be added for only $220/day

Each week we focus on a different topic:  long hair, short hair, bobs, barbering, creative cutting or updos. Consult our schedule to plan your curriculum or consult with us for a customized itinerary.

My Education This Week Was The Most Intense & Beneficial Education I Have Received & I Can Transfer The Knowledge I Have Learned Into The Salon
— Shaina, Seattle, WA

Academy Schedule

I Really Like The Instructor. She Has A Really Relaxed Vibe And Makes Me Feel Safe To Ask Questions. The Instructor Is Very Talented & I Admire Her Ability.
The Instructor Is Bubbly, Energetic And Doesn’t Take Any Guff. GREAT.
— Lee, Vancouver, BC

Meet Our Instructors:

Michelle Harrison, Director of Education

(click to see their portfolios)

Katie Lee, Cutting

Aurélie Jarnet, Cutting

Mona Sadrnia, Cutting

Antonio Palumbo, Barbering

Gwen Nguyen, Barbering

Tatiana Koiava, Cutting & Up-styling

Saori Nakazono, Cutting

Candice Johnson, Cutting

Kye Pyeon, Cutting & Up-styling

Renowned for attracting the world's best instructors.

Our Academy is fully accredited with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB).

Our instructors are all talented senior Suki's staff who upgrade their own skills every year.

Suki's instructors have all undergone intensive training on how to teach.

Our classes are kept small so that each student receives maximum attention and feedback.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!  

Originally established in 1978, our Academy is an internationally recognized institution.

Michelle Taught Me More In 5 Days Than I Learned In A Month Of Hair School. She Knows How To Explain, She Has Patience, And She Is Approachable. I Was Very Impressed.
— Courtney, Vancouver, BC

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The Instructor Was Fantastic. The Instruction Was Complete, Patient And Targeted To Each Of Us. The Environment Was Always Positive, Professional And Enjoyable. I Learned From The Best In The Business.
— Sheetal, Vancouver, BC

 - Gigi Wu, Month 3,  At The Suki's Advanced Academy

- Gigi Wu, Month 3,  At The Suki's Advanced Academy

Featured STUDENT : GIGI Wu

"I highly recommend Suki's Advanced Academy." 

What HAVE you enjoyED most?

GIGI:  At Suki's, I have learned how to create hairstyles suited for clients by using the 3 basic shapes and the 4 techniques that I have acquired from the course. The shapes of the heads and the direction of hair growth also play important parts in designing the hairstyles. Because of these techniques, I have been given additional freedoms in my work.


What was difficult?

GIGI: What I am finding difficult is when the clients themselves don't know what they want. Sometimes, they want me to reproduce a style that they had years ago. Sometimes, it's impossible to recreate now, because their hair/head conditions have changed or the techniques have changed over time.


What are you looking forward to next?

GIGI: To make my clients happy has always been a big part of why I want to improve myself as a stylist. I don't want to stop at just getting better at hair cutting either. I want to learn about sales, managing, and how to maintain clientele. Second, to improve on my habits and my artistic ability. Suki's has a lot of resources which I can use to achieve these goals. In the future, I'd love to study abroad to improve myself even more.


Advice to someone considering Sukis Academy

GIGI: I thought I was a decent stylist. I already knew how to cut good haircuts before I joined the Academy. Little did I know how wrong I was. There are just so many things to learn here. I'm more confident in my ability to personalize and create a haircut for each client's need. The instructors do a great job of teaching people at different levels. I highly recommend Suki's Advanced Academy.

Are you ready?



 All Instructors in Photo

All Instructors in Photo

advanced Courses

THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HAIRDRESSERS ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING. Keep your work current and your skills sharp with us.

students must possess one of the following:

  • A valid hairdressing license issued by their province or state
  • A certificate of completion from a basic hairdressing school
  • Confirmation of a completed apprenticeship

If a student fails to meet the above admission requirements neither the Academy nor the student can waive the requirements.