Hair by Amelia Hunsche

Senior Stylist
Instagram: @ameliaAnnaMarie #ameliastyles


My Hair Moment was one week with a legend

"I was working with Vivienne Mackinder in New York at her home. She had built a studio at her farmhouse. It was set up beautifully to work with models and to video journal the process. She's just an amazing women to look up to and she's vibrant and funny. She is arguably one of the best, yet she does not make you feel anything but completely welcome. Working alongside her was a great week for me, definitely one of my faves."


Find Amy at
Suki's Kitsilano


1805 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 15+ years



Conversation starters

  • Join in an invigorating conversation about fitness and sports
  • Art, film and television, lots there
  • Share your experiences in dining out, music and concerts
  • Ask her why she loves men's cuts
  • Begin with learning about her dog Max or cat Charles