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We Call It Model Night, Apprentices Call It Essential!


- Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott

A good hairstylist knows when their work is on point. A great hairstylist knows every step necessary to ensure it is destined to become a flawless style. But the un-stated truth is that it takes practice and years of experience to be great.

We call It Model Night

Model night is offered every Wednesday night for our apprentices. Experienced stylists come together to supervise a practice and education night. This structured, nurturing environment builds confidence and a very important bond between the team.

Ask an apprentice, to describe Model Night with Suki’s and you’ll likely hear a sentiment similar in nature to that of Cristie Tocaj, “We are family here!”

June Kwon, Model Night Organizer

June Kwon, Model Night Organizer

What Do Organizers Say?

June Kwon, Model Night Supervisor, told me a little bit about it.

“I firmly believe that our model night class is an important step for all Suki's apprentices before entering the advanced academy. We ensure that Model night is informative but fundamentally a fun class.

At the beginning, they practice with Judy ( an industry term for a hair stylists’s wigged head). Our apprentices learn how to use the tools [combs, scissors, blow driers, etc.] They learn how to section and the fine details of optimal finger & body position.  

After practicing with Judy, they are permitted to invite a model from outside. When they ask people to become a model, they learn to be social, building the essential people skills they will need in their careers.

While practicing with their model they will naturally get to know about the human textures and shape, which can be imperfect. We, their mentors, co-workers and educators put our attention into making sure there is strong growth in this nine month program.

I love to see our apprentices grow from their time at model night.”

The model night class is a fun environment. Apprentices feel satisfied with their education on models. Practising on human hair is more realistic and enable’s apprentices to learn customer service,  product knowledge, and how to be social, naturally.
— June Kwon @hairbyjunek (Share This)

What Do Apprentices Say?

Quote by Jennifer Vandekerkhove, and Mni Sepid

Our Model Night Class is an opportunity to learn and practice techniques that instructors share with us. I’ve already attended a hair school before, however I’ve have been learning a lot. We always have something new to learn here!
— Daniela Shiokawa
Model Night class is essential to an apprenticeship as it helps us learn the fundamentals of working with hair, product and salon knowledge, and social skills. I feel as if I’m always learning something new everytime I go 🙂
— Bella Lai

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