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Not Your Average Corn Roll ( Because You're Not Average)


by Staff, writer, Stephanie M Scott
featuring Morgan Crossing’s Adeeba Kahn

There is no denying that this Falls Style is the ‘anything-but-average’ braid. We saw it dazzle us at 2018 Fashion Week and across our favourite celebrity heads. Who can forget Millie Bobby Brown's hairstyle at the 2018 Golden Globes which dominating the internet? But any old braid will not do. It must be perfect and a little creative. The skill is so specialized only a handful of our Suki’s staff are qualified, to the Suki’s high standard of excellence.

Photos courtesy of 2018 Fashion Week, Wikimedia Commons

3 Tips To Make A Flawless Braid

We know you’ll want this reinvigorated and pretty take on the classic corn roll. Adeeba Khan shares 3 easy tips to pull off the perfect braids.


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So fall is a time to be inspired by all the designs your imagination or ours can come up with. Have you ever come in for a style with us? Borrow our imagination for your next Just- because- moment!

You deserve all the eyes on you.

Stephanie Scott