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The Hidden Consequence of Your Hair Appointment

Photo: A Life Well Consumed

Photo: A Life Well Consumed

by Staff Writer: Stephanie M Scott
based blog by Leslie Rossi,

This Vancouver hairstyle story is not what you think.

This time, I don’t want to talk to you about Blow outs, Braids, or Bravado.

Your not going to be inspired by the perfect curls or the brightest colours. But Give me a minute and I might have something that will change your life. Well perhaps less life and more spirit.

We recently had the opportunity to host a Vancouver blogger with a flare for fashion and the local events. Leslie Rossi writes for ‘A Life Well Consumed’, a place for the modern woman. And she has a delightful way of telling it like it is.

And when she had the opportunity to visit Suki’s Kitsilano she drew her own conclusions and shared them, rather honestly, on her blog which you can find at

Photos: Leslie Rossi. Suki’s Makeover Taken from

Photos: Leslie Rossi. Suki’s Makeover
Taken from

So in the spirit of hidden consequences, and Leslie Rossi, I wanted to talk about confidence.

The unwritten truth is that when we feel like we belong our confidence grows. It requires consistent nurturing and is strengthened by a level of positive attention from the people we choose to be around or the way we define ourselves [ ways-confidence]. It take’s work. All too easily, confidence can be destroyed by negative words or an unintentional ‘mean’ backward-look.

In sharp contrast, the people in this world that we want to know better are always the ones that make us feel like we are polished from head to toe. They tend to draw us in and captivate our loyalty. Take a moment now, think of one of these amazing people in your life.

Most of us accept that looks matter. We know that our appearance impacts our personal, social and professional lives. We also know that how we feel influences how we look and vice versa — a phenomena I call beauty self-esteem. - Leslie Rossi

Next time you visit Suki’s Salons ask any one of our Stylists why they choose to work as a hair designer. I’ll bet they say it was to see that new glow of confidence our clients can’t help but show when they know they look amazing. Its a glimmer in the eye, look for it, we do, and it makes our day. We see it when that hand-held mirror reveals your new look in the twist of a chair for the first time. We see it at our reception desks as you check-out. We see it in your Instagram stories when you tag @SukisSalons.

All because the hidden consequence of your hair appointment is ‘Confidence’, we know it but Leslie says it better, so I hope you take a moment to read it in Leslie’s words next.

Photos: Leslie Rossi. Suki’s Makeover Taken from

Photos: Leslie Rossi. Suki’s Makeover
Taken from

As soon as I went to an event that week after Akari and Mirka did up my hair, I felt so much better about the way I looked. My grey’s were gone, the tone of my hair was freshened up and Mirka gave me a good trim with more layers for extra volume. - Leslie Rossi


Leslie Rossi is a thirty-something Vancouverite with a love for cocktails, lipstick, dessert & that perfect pair of shoes.

A Life Well Consumed is a place for the modern woman. We offer lifestyle inspiration for those who want to take a chance. Be it with style, cooking at home and seeking to travel more often.

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