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Texture & Curls: The Dream Duo

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By Staff Writer: Stephanie M Scott
Featuring Morgan Crossing’s Jenny Kim

Ok, so I might be like you. Years of trial and error trying to settle on the cut that will keep curls looking right. But at no time in my many awkward years of styles that simply missed the mark did I understand what I am only beginning to understand now after talking to our own, Jenny Kim from Suki’s South Surrey location.

I wanted pretty, I wanted cascading curls. I wanted flawless shine. The element I was missing - Curls BFF, texture. It was attention to perfect texture that achieved all these points, and more.

3 Pro Tips To Achieve Perfect Curls

I asked Jenny to offer up 3 essential tips that may help all of us capture the perfect pretty in out styles, down to the products that matter.

Jenny Kim’s Tips
for the perfect textured curls

Tip 1) Split the hair into sections and blow dry each part until it is completely dry.

Tip 2) Use a big comb and apply re-texturizing spray in the cut areas before curling the hair.

Tip 3) Don’t forget to breakdown the curls to loosen them and create a controlled messy,  textured look.

It’s the style everyone wants this fall.


time-saving blow dry oil
”A must for your blow dry process” - Jenny Kim

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Bumble & bumble

Dryspun texture spray
”Great for creating volume” according to Jenny

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Jenny Kim has a flare for providing perfection to her style I recommend you follow her on Instagram for inspiration if beautiful texture is your goal.
Instagram @designerjennykim


Beauty is as beauty does 💇👸

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