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A First Visit to The ‘New’ Suki's Downtown


By Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott
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We love it when our guests share the story of their visits in their own words. Krystin was not a stranger to Suki’s Downtown but this was her first return since the renovations and location change. In her Instagram Story she highlighted some of the reasons that change is a great thing. We are happy to share them with you and encourage you to experience it for yourself.

Do you know Krystin Tysire?

Krystin Tysire, a fashion marketing grad, has a penchant for social media and an eye for spotting trends. As such, she’s been blogging for several years at, sharing personal insights on life and style.  You might remember her blog as ‘Girl in Betsey’ a name she has build a solid Brand around and evolved from fashion insights to so much more.

Recently, I went into the beautifully renovated Suki’s Salons in Downtown, Vancouver to get my hair freshened up for fall. The space is huge, bright and stunning. Plus, it’s right in the heart of the city, so it’s prime real estate for people watching.
— Krystin Tysire, Lifestyle Blogger

ICYMI: Krystin Tysire shared a few essential fall tips after her visit with Ashley Sandmoen-Hood (Colour) and June Kwon (Style) at Suki's Downtown. It's a must read!

Here are 3 Reasons we think you shoud check out Krystin’s Blog:

  1. Beautiful Details! Each photo could live in a picture book or on a billboard. Her attention to detail mirrors our own.

  2. Shop her blog. You’ll never wonder how to achieve the look, Krystin offers a shopping list of the products and people that helped.

  3. Community, it’s obvious she cares. That means a lot. We know because we love our community too.

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