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Who's That Girl? Who’s that Team?

Have you met Gigi? - Style by  Gigi Jung

Have you met Gigi? - Style by Gigi Jung

By Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott
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Richmond is no stranger to talents.

Their salon, the smallest of our Suki’s fleet, houses a dedicated staff with personal, friendly service and the only place I have witnesses a double up service. A playful experience where two stylists work on your look at the same time. It’s better to experience then describe. It’s only possible when time and style appropriateness allows.

5 Things that make our Richmond Team Unique

1) The way they showcase their creativity in videos you’d swear they were design decisions of leading directors. You get a real peek into the creativity and personality you can expect from the Richmond team. And why are they so amazing? Akiko Clark is a master editor with a flare for visual storytelling.

2) Diversity at it’s best. Welcoming our guests is the Suki’s way across all of our Salons but being welcomed in your native language, well there really isn’t a better way to show how much we care. In Richmond, as a salon, they speak in 12 different languages. Which ones? Well, challenge them, by giving them a call and asking for your next service in your language.

3) Classically trained, youthful presence. Suki’s education is strong and classical. Precision cuts, the Suki’s Way, is our foundation. Precision cutting techniques are not easy to achieve but the results are beautiful. The average age of our Stylists and Colour technicians in Richmond is 24 which makes them the youngest Suki's Salon. This means you get the flexibility of experience and youthful spirit. They don’t only know how to bring you the latest trends of today, the live them and love the creativity of achieving a unique out of the box design.

4) A world of crisp colours. If you need a on-trend colour or a classic blonde. No one in Richmond does full bleach outs like Suki’s.

5) Location, location, location. Conveniently in-between the Brighouse and Lansdowne Sky train station at 8311 Westminster Hwy you can get your hair done to perfection and treat yourself to the the clothing and skincare products that finish the look in the mall only blocks away.

[above] Naoya Arai
(Hint: Click for the video, it’s a must)

Our Richmond STYLE

This location is producing an array of incredible looks and sharing them in our favourite online spaces.

[top left to right] Anthony Campanelli (Upstyle), Linda Ngo (Colour)
[bottom left to right] Esther Liang (Style), Selena Lai (colour) and Akiko Clarke (Cut)


and, Who’s that Girl? WE Caught up with Gigi

A 2018 graduate from Suki’s Academy and fast moving up in the Industry with a keen eye to cuts with a subtle edge of drama. We know her ability to design soft sensuous looks will find a happy home in Richmond. Her nature will find a home in your heart.

Stephanie ScottRichmond