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Braids: The Perfect Style For Hot Summer Days 



Guest Blog by Rebecca Coleman,
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So, here’s the thing: I really love having long hair. I have all the respect and admiration in the world for you gals out there who are rocking a pixie, but it’s just not me. My hair has been, for pretty much most of my life, past my shoulders. 

But it’s also super thick and kinda frizzy, especially in the summer. And that makes for some pretty unattractive hairstyles. My go-to, especially in the summer, is to twist it up into a top knot on top of my head, or to braid it. 

That’s basic, right? Turns out, there are a few simple techniques you can learn to take your summer braids to the next level. 

I sat down with Vicky Han at Suki’s downtown salon to learn how to keep my somewhat untamable long hair summer styled. 

Vicky has been with Suki’s since 2015. As a kid, she grew upbraiding her cousin’s hair. She enjoyed trying out different techniques and styles. After graduating from esthetics school, she attended Suki’s Academy and has been working there ever since. She soon got the reputation as the girl to go to for braids. “I love working here,” she says. “There’s so much creativity, and we get courses 5 times per year to help us to keep up with the latest trends.”  

“Braids are the perfect way to get through the summer without sweating,” she told me. 

Rebecca Coleman BRAID1.jpg

Vicky used a combination of techniques to create these looks on my hair. The first is a Dutch Braid. “It’s similar to a French braid, but with a French braid, when you pick up the hair, it goes on top. With a Dutch braid, the hair goes underneath.” So instead of crossing the hair over, you cross the hair under. Dutch braiding creates a smoother braid. 

The second technique is called a fishtail braid. “Fishtail braids benefit thinner hair,” advises Vicky. Fishtail braids only require two sections, whereas most traditional braids require three. 

She also used a simple braiding technique, but then pulled out and loosened the hair all along one side. She then coiled this braid around itself into a bun and pinned it to make a kind of flower shape. 

Stylist: Vicky Han
Photos by VIVE PR | Edit by Stephanie Scott


Here are some other tips for creating beautiful, cool, summer hairstyles: 

  • Start with hair that has been washed the day before. Next-day hair is not as slippery, and rougher hair is easier to braid and hold. The other option is to use a little dry shampoo on your roots to rough them up a bit before starting. If your hair is really fine, try curling it before starting to give your hair some texture. 


  • For summer, looser braids are better, more natural looking. Feel free to braid a little looser, and then pull at the outside pieces, making the braid look rougher and more piecey. This makes your hair look thicker, as well! 


  • To finish your braid, use a little oil (Vicky recommends Keristase Elixir Ultime. It comes as a very fine oil mist, so it’s never going to make your hair look greasy) or hairspray to smooth down the baby hairs or flyaways. 


  • Dampen your hair before braiding for interesting texture when you take the braid out. 


I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative and try some new techniques this summer with your hair. And remember: “simple is also easier and looks great. Not everything needs to be perfect. Texture and imperfections make your hairstyle more interesting.”