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This Summer's Hottest Hair Colour Trends


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Guest Post by Sacha Devoretz
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It is warmer and sunnier outside with beautiful long days. With the sun comes new and fresh hair colours to brighten anyone's look.

Recently I spoke with Tyeesha Fleming. Colour specialist at Sukis Downtown. Model night instructor. Artistic Educator with L'Oreal Professional about the hottest hair colour trends.

Tyeesha told me these hottest colour trends and tips for summer:

Sacha Devoretz: What are the hottest hair colours this summer?

Tyeesha Fleming: It’s summer, so naturally everyone is going lighter and lighter. What I find interesting though is our fashion shades are here to stay. Pink is so hot right now. Whether it’s a soft cotton candy shade or as deep and vibrant as our branded “Sukis” pink. It’s here to stay! Keep your eyes peeled for something new and exciting that L’oreal is launching this summer. #twinklefuchsia

Left to right: Colour by  Tyeesha Fleming ,  Wendy Chien , Ashley Hood

Left to right: Colour by Tyeesha FlemingWendy Chien, Ashley Hood

SD: Who can wear these looks?

TF: The fun thing about a fashion shade is it’s not meant to look overly natural. So, when it comes to pink the answer is; anyone can wear it! It only depends on the shade you are looking for and the lightness it requires your hair to have.  I wouldn’t, for example, colour someone with naturally blond hair, down to an intensely dark shade as the maintenance required is high. The same way that I might not want to overly lighten someone with dark hair to achieve a super light version. You always want to consider the integrity of the hair and never do anything to cause irreparable damage.

SD: How can you wear them?

TF: It all depends on how much maintenance you are comfortable with. If you want to pre-lighten every strand and have your whole hair pink, it’s possible. The only downside is you must come back every four to five weeks to have it touched up. If you are looking for something that doesn’t require as much time, then a balayage or an ombre style application of colour might be a better choice. Keep in mind though, pink fades quickly so you will probably need a quick tone refresher in between highlight appointments.

SD: How to care for your colour treated hair?

...With unicorn tears. ...Only kidding!

TF: You must be really careful not to over shampoo hair that has a fashion shade, otherwise you run the risk of pulling it out too quickly. You also need to make sure that your shampoo is sulfate free and you try to keep the temperature of the water a little lower. Flat irons and other heat tools also need to stay at a lower temperature as the heat can pull it out a little faster too. Other than that, a nice deep conditioner to help make sure your locks stay soft is all you need!

SD: Any other tips?

TF: Not every hair can be every shade of pink. Trust your colourist with what is going to work the best with your skin tone and with what is achievable in one session. Sometimes it takes more than one to get to that dream shade.

Your tips and suggestions are always welcome, as I continue my journey to find pretty, stylish and comfortable fashion. Find more from Sacha Devoretz at