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Three Signature Looks And Pro Tips By Kitsilano's Newest Stylist



Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott featuring Fabiana Coelho
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Can I fill you in on a little secret?

Taking care of Curls is a difficult task. Dry ends, slow growth, and an inevitable acceptance that achieving something unique is impossible. Decades of stylist DIS-appointments have led me to be overly critical of who I'll trust with my locks.  But then again, I think, curls or straight, short or long we all have learned to listen to that little voice that tells us to fear new. Run away fast.

But then there are stylists that wow us with a personable wit, a warm smile and all the intellect around cut and products that for at least a moment put these voices to rest.

Kitsilano's newest Stylist, Fabiana Coelho is one of these professionals. A graduate of Suki's Salons and hailing from Brazil, a country saturated by curls and textured tresses, Fabiana's approach does silence those small whispers, at least long enough to see what she can do.

Here is a glimpse into what you can expect, FROM her own curation of favourite cuts.


The Blonde Classic Bob

"I love the classic bob haircut. It’s the type of haircut you need to be focused and precise at all times. It challenges me every time I do it and it’s always rewarding to see the final look."
- Fabiana

Fabiana's Tips For Styling A Bob:

1st. Use a heat protectant like 'Incredible Blowdry' by Kerastase and comb it through for even distribution.

2nd. Follow with a 'Denman brush' blow dry. Section hair into three parallel sections and concentrate on the root and smoothing out the ends until the hair is straight.

3rd. To finish use a drop of “Invisible Oil” by Bumble and Bumble to keep the hair shiny and frizz free.

The Flawless Layer

"I enjoy doing this cut because it is stylish and timeless. This cut incorporates a lot of movement, texture and volume." - Fabiana

Fabiana's Tips For Styling Layers: 

1st. Start with 'Ciment Thermique' by Kerastase, a great product to repair and protect newly highlighted hair from heat.

2nd. Take Four horizontal sections and use a curling iron to style nicely away from the face.

3rd. Use Bumble and Bumble 'Does It All for hairspray' and brushes it through with your fingers to get a wavy/curly natural look.



The Enhanced Natural Curl

"I love curly hair. I myself have curly hair so I understand the struggles and also the beauty of it. For this haircut I used a layering technique but carefully because the model wanted to have a controlled volume. " - Fabiana

Fabiana's Tips For Styling Curls:

1st. Curly hair needs moisture, so use the Bumble and Bumble 'Curl Primer' to detangle, hydrate and help to define the curls.

2nd. Bumble and Bumble 'Curl Creme' has UV and heat protection. As a defining creme it helps to create flexible curls with separation.

3rd. Diffuse hair until it is 90% dry and let the rest dry naturally to helps with the frizz.

So where are those voices leading you now? I'm guessing to West 1st Avenue, next to the Burrard Street Bridge. To Suki's Kitsilano