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Making An Impact: Suki's Socials




Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott
Digital designer, community manager, a travel and robot enthusiast with an obsession for storytelling.

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Community is the type of word that gets passed around in conversion 100s of times in our modern discussions over internet memes and political debates. But have you ever really thought about what the word means? 


kəˈmyo͞onədē/ noun

”A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

I like this definition the most because it suggests that by sharing a common attitude you - just - belong. It's innate. It's without prejudice. It's accessible to all. And by owing it; by shouting loudly that you are a part of something bigger, YOU manifest inspiration in so many.

Now, I'd like to tell you about a community that came together at the end of August 2018. This community rallied together under a battle cry of sorts, #SukisSocials. It promised and delivered on an open invitation to learn from each other at a Hair Expo.  Everyone connected to Vancouver's vibrant beauty industry was welcomed.

Suki's Socials began in 3 years ago when apprentice at the time, Karly Vincent joined forces with Britney Reid to hold educational events, demos and lifestyle seminars at a Suki's Salons after business hours.

Why? To strengthen the community of hairstylists with events that encouraged them to share their passions. Their challenge: to see if these busy individuals would donate their time and their pocket change, for Vancouver's local charities. Flash forward, joined with Vicky Han, Suki's Socials has donated more than $10 000 to VGH's research towards Cancers of the Blood. 

On August 22nd. They kicked off their year with a Hair expo and in just one event raised over $2000 by hosting a busy night filled with inspiration and take aways. The fun was shared by more then 70 attendees. 

Participating in Suki's Hair Expo were 4 demos covering colour design, braiding, styling, and barbering. Guest speakers’ experience ranged from those starting out as apprentices, and already gaining 'street cred' for braiding mastery... to multi-award-winning colourists and stylists. A magnifying glass was taken to the business of the hair Industry bringing up lively,  sometimes controversial discussion on where the hair industry is now and where it may be going. The night re-introduced a fantastic eco-friendly company, Green Circle, that ensures hair scraps are recycled into commodities. L'Oreal Pro offered attendees not-to-be-forgotten selling tips. Why? Because communities care about each other and their shared future. 

Here is a photo slideshow of the event.

#Sukis @SukisSalons #SukisSocials

Michelle Pargee, Muti-Award Winning Hair Designer, (Demo- Hair Colour Tips),
Instagram @michellepargee

Rawan Al-Rawe, Suki's, (Braiding Skills),
Instagram @rawan_alrawe @sukissalons

Victor Cuevas, Rain Hair Salon & The Chelsa Salon + Barbershop, (Demo-Cutting)
Instagram @vicstar73 @rainsalonvancouver @thechelseasalon

Weldon Hogue, JD's Barbershop & Rexford the Barbershop, (Demo-Clipper and Straight Razor) 
Instagram @weldypeldy @jdsbarbershop @rexfordthebarbershop

Ken Takagi, Suki's Salons, (The Hairdressing Industry Relationships), 
Instagram @KenatSukis @sukissalons

Tage Lee, L'Oreal Professional, (Hot 5 Selling Tips), 
Instagram@tagevancouver @lorealpro

Roxana Da Costa, Kazen Hair and Beauty, (Easydry Fabric), 
Instagram @kazenhair  @easydrycanada

Will Simpson, Green Circle Salons (Transforming Waste into Commodity),
Instagram @greencirclesalons


I hope you'll join us, or perhaps be inspired to should loudly about something that connects you. Suki's Socials are offered every month, everyone is welcome and details can be found at


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