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Four Lesser Known Tips About Hair Colour

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Guest Post by Sacha Devoretz
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As hair professionals, we never question what to do after leaving the salon to keep our newly coloured hair vibrant. Sacha has been a guest at Suki’s for several years and has interviewed many colour technicians. She shares answers to the questions we know you ask yourself after leaving our Salons.
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Hair Colour Tips (we know you’re asking)

1) Once you have gone darker or lighter, make sure you are committing to the look for a while, you don't want to stress your hair by over-processing from yo-yo-ing back and forth between darker and lighter colours.

2) Healthy shiny hair comes from treating it well with great home care systems. Use colour-safe shampoo and conditioner that is compatible with the colour line you are using in your hair (yes it matters). Protect the ends of your hair with a daily colour protecting leave-in conditioner that will add an environmental barrier and a layer of moisture plus sunscreen.

3) Over-washing contributes to colour fading, as well as prolonged sun exposure, so use products with built-in sun filters, and limit washing to at the very most every other day. Shampoo is for the roots, and conditioning is for the ends. Over cleansing the scalp will strip the natural oils and cause the scalp to overproduce these oils, leading to an oily scalp problem.

4) If you have an oily scalp, begin to remedy this by rinsing the scalp very well every day and only shampooing every other day. Eventually, the scalp will recalibrate its oil production and you will not have to cleanse it every day. Dry shampoo also works amazing for prolonging the washing cycle.

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