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New Year's Resolutions We Can Help You Keep

Hair by Vicky Han

Beautiful up-do by @hairbyvickyhan at our downtown salon

by Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott

New Years Resolutions We Can Help You Keep

Pay attention to your health. Hair health you say? Well even if it isn’t your hair on your mind, a great cut really does tie your whole look together balancing your proportions and helping you look amazing at every stage of your fitness regime. We can offer product suggestions to keep your hair complimenting your new you at every stage. If it is a cheer team you need. We’ve got you.

Be more social. There is no denying that when you look fabulous you want to show it off. You are much more likely to call that friend you have not seen in months and suggest an evening out if you look polished the way only a great cut can offer. Trust us, try it out.

Learn a New Skill. You may not want to make a career out of styling hair but I will bet you that your stylists have a few tricks that you would never have thought of. Try this. Book in for a style, not a cut, and ask our staff to show you how to use products and tools and techniques you can produce again at home. We love to share what we know.

Spend more time on well being. Do you know what this mean to you? Sometimes just taking the time in a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoying one of our famous scalp massages before a treatment really lets you mind wander to the thing you value most.

Stop a bad habit. Well, we can’t stop you from smoking but we can offer you an afternoon alternative. Experimenting with a creative colour, indulging in a spa treatment. Looking forward to something new. All this will give you a fresh start to help your let go of your vices. Whatever you perceive them to be.

What are your resolutions? We’d love to hear them. Book into one of our friendly chairs soon.

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