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Camera, Action...Contessa


Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott featuring Suki’s Artistic Team

2019 Contessa Semi-Finalist Salon Team. Take a look behind the scenes. Suki's Artistic Team and 2019 Contessa Competitors: Kye Pyeon, Saori Nakazono, Candice Johnson, Katie Lee, Tatiana Koiava, Gwen Nguyen, Antonio Palumbo, Devon Plamondon, Eloise Chiew, Ashley Hood, Vicky Han, Larry Gray. Photoshoot: Creative Director: Kye Pyeon, Assisting with Photoshoot: Katie Lee, Photoshoot Photographer: Martin Bougie, Wardrobe Stylist: Sonia Capriceru, Makeup: Evelyn Affleck, Behind the scenes coordinator/editor: Stephanie M Scott, Behind the scenes videographer: Paolo Altruda, Stills: Mona Sadrnia, Music: AND Britney Reid and Karly Vincent accepting the John Steinberg Award for Community Service for Suki’s Socials.

2019 Contessa Win: Suki’s Socials
John Steinberg Award for Community Service.

Britney Reid and Karly Vincent

Britney Reid and Karly Vincent

Ask a local about Suki's you'll likely hear "That's the place my mother, sister and self-have been coming for generations." Fair statement. We have been painting this town pink for over 46 years. Ask a salon around the world what is Suki's and you likely hear about our ongoing reputation for creative, avant garde artistic showmanship.

The truth is we are proudly both but if you are one of the first categories, let me take you behind the curtain and introduce our 2019 Contessa Awards Participants. The Artists, their Inspirations and the detailed work that goes into every strand of pure beauty in hair design. 

Finally, we are allowed to show you!


Eloise Chiew | 2018 Semi-Finalist


Salon Team | 2018 Semi- Finalist


Vicki HaN, entry

Devon Plamondon, Entry

Ashley HooD, entry

Academy Team, entry

Having witnessed the 3-day photoshoot, having talked to participants abouth their months of detailed planning, I feel privilaged. To watch that level of creativity and teamwork is an inspiring thing.
— - Stephanie M Scott, Behind the Scenes Coord.

So I have this challenge for you. It's simple really,

If you are inspired with what you see. Tell someone, tell your Mom, your sister, your friend. BUT reach out to our stylist and tell them that you see them, and appreciate their dedication. Wish them your best, it will make their day.

Share in our pride, if you are our guest, it's your pride too.

Stephanie Scott