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Staff Writer, Stephanie M Scott
I'm a Digital Designer, Community Manager specializing in Social Media, a travel and robot enthusiast with an obsession for storytelling.
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Are you loyal to your Suki's Salon? If your answer is Hell Ya. Have you ever though of why?

Well, my best guess is it' how you feel when you enter the bright and clean salon, offered your favorite choice of tea or coffee from one of our smiling apprentices or when you relax into a chair, knowing your trusted - stylist, no more a friend really,  enters to see how your next phase of life can be lightened (or darkened as the case may be). 

But what's the alternative, Well, we've all been there. A stodgy place of business where it it is so obvious that everyone is just punching the clock waiting for quitting time.  Well that's not your Suki's experience and I venture to guess that it comes from the top. 

I had a chance to get a few of our staff on camera to offer a little insight into why they are happy to call themselves a part of Suki's.

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Stephanie Scott