Hair by Elise Luu

Colour Designer
Instagram: @elise_atsukis


My Hair Moment reminded me of ThE litTlE things That matter

"The biggest moment was preparing models for my final exam. I reached out on Facebook and found a women who could not afford to get her hair done. She was going to be seen by her family again, she had lost the connection. I offered her a root touch-up, some highlights, very simple work. But when she looked at the colour she cried and said it was the 1st time she loved her hair, the first time she felt so beautiful. I was so touched. I learned it doesn't have to be drastic for people to see the the beauty in themselves."


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Suki's South Surrey


15785 Croydon Drive, Unit #106 (The Shops at Morgan Crossing), Surrey, BC

5+ Years



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