What is your policy on tipping?

Tipping is always at the discretion of our guests. It is never expected, but always appreciated. Gift certificates do not include gratuities.

Do you have a stylist who can work with Asian hair?

All of our stylists have been trained to be comfortable with all types of hair which includes fine, coarse and curly hair.

Who is your best hairdresser?

Determining who is the best hairdresser depends on your hair type, your desired style and the amount you are comfortable paying. We are proud to have an array of highly skilled hairdressers, whom have all gone through the same extensive advanced training program.

My hair is dry and damaged, is there anything that can be done?

We offer a variety of effective treatments that can improve most hair conditions. Our specialists can recommend the best treatment option for your specific needs. With most of these treatments you will notice an immediate improvement in the condition of your hair.

What colour lines do you use?

We use three different colour lines from L'Oréal Professional. These lines provide our stylists with the best colour results and leave your hair in better condition than with their competitors.

Can I bring my own colour and is it cheaper?

Yes, you may bring a professional colour in with you and we will happily apply it. The cost still remains the same and note that we only guarantee our work when it’s done with our colour lines that we provide at Suki’s.

Is there a difference between the shampoo you use vs. drugstore?

There is a massive difference in the quality of a professional vs drugstore shampoo. Professional shampoos use better ingredients, the PH level is the same as human hair and only a mild cleansing agent is used.

Does a trim cost less than a full hair cut?

No, the amount of hair we cut off does not affect the price as we are still cutting all of your hair.

What is the difference between a blow dry and a dry off?

A dry off is a complimentary 10 minute service that is offered after a technical cut or colour. No styling, irons or wands will be used. A blow-dry is a 45-60 min paid for service that will leave you with a finished, styled look.

Do you offer hair and makeup services for special occasions?

Absolutely! If it is a bridal service we recommend you coming in for a trial day a week or two prior if possible. This enables our specialists to have the opportunity to work out the perfect look for your big day. We also offer mobile services if you need the stylist to come to you instead of you coming into the salon. Prices for out-of-salon work are higher and will also require extra notice.

Is there really a Suki?

Yes, Suki does exist. She came to Vancouver in 1972 and founded Suki's that year!

Is there a charge if I miss my appointment?

Cancellations with less that 24hr notice will be charged 50% of the service cost. If you don’t show up without giving any notice you will be charged the full amount of your booked service.