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Guy Labreque is a fantastic Montréal stylist, a charismatic stage artist, having performed for Wella, L'Oréal, Zotos and Intercoiffure. New clients need to book a consultation before a service appointment.

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Hair by Guy Labreque

Master Stylist | 
Instagram @glabrecque64


My Hair Moment ... was 'the best'

"The most memorable moment was in the beginning of my career when Suki’s took me to Tokyo, Japan for The Intercoiffure World Hair Show. I got selected to represent Suki’s as The 10 Best Salons in North America. I also got the opportunity to meet some very well known and talented people in the industry. The experience was thrilling and I felt so proud."


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1805 West 1st Avenue

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • A past Suki's Artistic Director
  • Finalist in the prestigious L'Oréal Colour Trophy competition Performed for Wella, L'Oréal, Zotos and Intercoiffure
  • Multiple Finalist Rankngs: Contessa, Alternative Hair Show, Intercoiffure
    30+ Years



Conversation starters

  • The current European hair and fashion trends
  • Travelling stories
  • A career with food before hair
  • Vintage Barbie dolls collecting
  • Why antique furniture is amazing
  • Gardening tips
  • Being Contessa's 'Newcomer of the Year'