Michelle Harrison | Suki's Academy | Instructor

Michelle Harrison | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

As a stylist, she has the most kind and interesting people as clients. As a colleague, she is fortunate to be surrounded by world class talent. As a teacher and a manager, she is grateful to have the responsibility to recognize and grow the talents of her staff. To continue to get inspired she goes to New York City every year. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, working out, cooking and traveling whenever she can. Michelle is a big foodie and some of her favourite places to eat in the city are Forage, AnnaLena and Osteria Savio Volpe.

Tatiana Koiava | Stylist
Cutting Instructor

Tatiana is originally from Russia and after receiving her degree there, she made her move here to Canada. She wanted a fulfilling career in an industry where she could make people happy, so going into the hair industry felt completely right. Seeing a client leave with a happy smile, that’s when she knows she’s done a job well done! Everyone is so supportive of each other at Suki’s and it’s that family bond that makes her love her job even more.

Outside of work she loves to spend her time with her family. She has a husband and two kids, youngest is nine and the eldest is fifteen. They spend their time watching movies, gardening and sometimes will work on fun and creative projects together.

Tatiana Koiava | Suki's Academy | Instructor
Saori Nakazono | Suki's Academy | Instructor

Saori Nakazono | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

Saori was born and raised in Japan and worked at a hospital as a Nutritionist for six years before moving to Vancouver in 1994.  Her host family had a hair salon and she was always curious about changing careers, so she decided to give the industry a go… she hasn’t looked back since. Her favourite part about working at Suki’s is the incredible talent that surrounds her everyday. 

She travels back to Japan twice a year and besides seeing friends and family, it’s a fantastic avenue for her to get re-inspired. Outside of work she enjoys spending her time out in nature, regularly meditates and dining at one of her favourite restaurants L’atelier Patisserie in the Mount Pleasant area.


Kye Pyeon | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

One of Kye’s first passions was to design clothing but knowing how much time and commitment it would take for that career to kick off - she decided to try out another creative field, hair dressing. She loves so many things about working at Suki’s but she says being around her lovely and talented co-workers is something she looks forward to.

Inspiration comes from many different avenues for her like, nature, architecture, movies, her surroundings and of coarse, clothing. Some trends she’s excited about for this spring/summer season are simple and sleek hairstyles with knots, head wraps and head bands. Outside of work you’ll find her taking nice long walks, perhaps on her way to one of her favourite restaurants, Sura for Korean food.

Kye Pyeon | Suki's Academy | Instructor
Gwen Nguyen | Suki's Academy | Instructor

Gwen Nguyen | Generalist
Cutting Instructor

Gwen started off as a stylist and later on began experimenting with colour. Since she had a passion for both avenues she decided to go into the generalist role where she does both. The level of professionalism and high standards that Suki’s holds is one of her favourite parts about working here.

For inspiration she goes to fashion, social media and simply just walking down the streets of Vancouver to get new ideas. Coral and soft shattered fringes is something she’s most excited about for this spring/summer season. Outside of work she loves to cook, shop and socialize!


Katie Lee | Senior Stylist
Cutting Instructor

Katie grew up with artists around her, her grandfather and aunt were both painters which is why she thought when she was younger that she would also become one. As she got older though she did transition into hair and fell in love with it as well! She loves working at Suki’s because of the people that are there with her. They have created such a positive environment to be around, they’re disciplined when needed but also know how to have fun.

Mountains, lakes, cities, her home, really anything is what inspires her every day to become better professionally and personally. She says inspiration is like happiness, it matters how you think rather than where you are.

Katie Lee | Suki's Academy | Instructor
Candice Johnson | Suki's Academy | Instructor

Candice Johnson | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

What excites Candice about working at Suki’s are the people that she gets to work with everyday, they work as a team to make the hair industry an elevated experience for both themselves and their customers. She gets inspired from always trying to make people’s lives better, more effortless and becoming more confident. Her twenty years of experience in the industry are used to design, guide, educate and elevate people wherever she is.

Her favourite spring/summer trend for this season are airy fringes and modern shags. If she isn’t in the salon or training, she will spend her time with her family, in the kitchen cooking or trying to master her own mind and find true bliss!


Devon Plamondon | Generalist
Cutting Instructor

Until a friend introduced the idea of becoming a hairdresser, Devon never knew that would be a path that he would take. He just couldn’t shake the idea though and decided to enroll in hair school and immediately loved it. His favourite part about working at Suki’s are the people that surround him. Everyone is so caring, thoughtful, hardworking and some of the most talented and passionate people he knows.

To get inspired he will go on trips and challenge himself to continuously learn more. He will go away at least once a year for training, it’s such a great way to network with other stylists from around the world and find out what’s trending in their area. Outside of work he tries to visit and spend time with his friends and family as much as possible. Other ways he enjoys his downtime is listening to podcasts, binging the newest netflix show or he’ll go dine at one of his favourite restaurants Dachi on Hastings.

Devon Plamondon | Suki's Academy | Instructor
Antonio Palumbo | Suki's Academy | Instructor

Antonio Palumbo | Senior Stylist
Barber Instructor

Antonio’s favourite part about working at Suki’s is the integrity behind the company, that Suki’s gives back to the community and of course he also loves that he’s able to be creative. His career began apprenticing in Italy and through networking and hard work he became the artistic educator at L'Oréal. 

Outside of work he focuses on being a good father and husband and enjoys going on adventures and taking his motorcycle along with him. A coffee shop he frequently visits is Thierry on Alberni street, he recommends the pastries there!


Ashley Hood | Master Colour Designer
Principal Colour Instructor

Ashley began her journey in this creative field as a makeup artist where she fell completely in love with the beauty in colour. She eventually transitioned from makeup to hair, and her favourite part about her job is making everyone look the very best versions of themselves. The culture that surrounds Suki’s is the best thing about her job she says. Outside of work she spends most of her time playing with her daughter Brielle and if she’s going out to eat one of her favourite places to go is Field House Brewery in Abbotsford. 

Ashley Hood | Suki's Academy | Instructor