Hair by Jessica Van Kuyk

Master Colour Designer| 
International platform artist
Salon Manager | Suki's Artistic Director
Instagram @jessicaVKColorist


My Hair Moments are with Suki's Mentors

"Best moments in my career. Being mentored by the wonderful Suki Takagi, as well as Teresa Toolsee , Carissa Ten Pow , Gina Khan and Candy Shaw. These women are talented , strong , beautiful and graceful - they taught me a lot."


Find Jessica at
Suki's South Surrey


15785 Croydon Drive, Unit #106 (The Shops at Morgan Crossing), Surrey, BC

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 24 Years
  • International platform artist 

  • Suki's Artistic Director

  • Balayage and blonde hair colour specialist.



Conversation starters

  • Chat about classic Alfred Hitchcock movies, Truman Capote's literature
  • Chances are a music discussion will lead to insight from both of you, she loves Vivaldi to Belle and Sebastien
  • Talk shop, she has lots to offer about Trevor Sorbie, Diane Von Furstenburg, Vidal Sassoon, Gina Khan and Candy Shaw
  • Look around at Suki's posters, chances are Jessica had a hand in it