John Cho | Suki's Salon | South Granville

John Cho


John’s hair journey began when his mom used to cut his hair when he was young and he would go to the washroom after and fix it up after using his dads razor. He continued to do this and enjoyed how easily he could alter his own look and then he began to explore the world of hair dressing and began pursuing it as a career. His favourite part about working at Suki’s are the people that he gets to work with, everyone who’s there helps him grow professionally and personally and continue to challenge him to get better.

Besides his colleagues that inspire him, he looks up to Kathy Simon from Mekka and Mark Hayes from Vidal Sassoon. He got to train with Kathy personally in Montreal and he continues to watch intricate videos of Mark whilst cutting hair. Teaching is another passion of his, he loves to share his love and passion for hair and inspire the next generation of hair dressers. Outside of work he focuses on doing calisthenics and working out utilizing gymnastic rings.

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