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Karly Vincent

Hair by Karly Vincent

Colour Designer | Instructor
Instagram: @KarlyJV

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My Hair Moment was based in doing good for others

"I guess organizing events has been a part of my extended hair lifestyle. I helped create 'Ponytails in the Park' and 'Suki's Socials' and remember the day we toured the Vancouver General Hospital to learn how our $7000 donation would be used. Knowing that the events are making a difference was rewarding."

Find Karly at
Suki's Kitsilano


1805 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC

  • 5+ Years
  • Won the prestigious h2h competition
  • Active in our photo sessions and fashion show work.
  • In charge Apprentice colour classes
  • Advanced Colour Academy Instructor
  • Created and oversees our monthly charity hair education events which raised over $7,000 last year for charity