RIc and KTc| Linda Ngo

Linda Ngo is a skilled listener, committed to fully understanding the guest’s desires and their goals for their hair.  Linda finds deep satisfaction with her balayage and ombre work.  


Hair by Linda Ngo

Colour Designer
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My Hair Moment ... was 'the best'

"My most memorable moment was the first time I did colour. This elder lady came in with light blonde hair and grown-out greys. She’s been colouring her own hair for a long time and told me she wanted to feel more refreshed. I suggested to cover her greys and have some low lights to add dimensions. She was a single mom and had been struggling with finances for many years. She finally decided to treat herself to get it professionally done. After the service she was so thrilled and shocked at how amazing her hair turned out, with a few changes. She started tearing up and told me she hasn’t felt this beautiful in a very long time. It was so rewarding to hear, and really it touched my heart. It was the first time I’ve ever experience something like that. Little did I know, this would be the first of many rewarding experiences to come."