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Lisa Nguyen

Hair byLisa Nguyen


specializes in pixies, bob haircuts

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Conversation starters

  • Ask her who she looks up to. We think she will say: Suki's senior stylists, Saori Nakazono, and her favorite musician, Amy Lee from Evanescence
  • Creative inspiration comes from films, flower arrangements, fashion
  • Music is a huge part of my life
  • Boxing, self-defense, swimming and boot camps are great topics
  • She's a huge animal lover and works to respect and protect our planet

My Hair Moment is so much like yours

"I remember when my hair was down to my shoulders and people mentioned that I might look great with short hair. Much like my clients,I considered it. When Michelle heard, she wanted to be the first person to cut my hair short. I never went back to long. I just go shorter and shorter and the ideas for creating hair art and finding a passion in the possibilities keeps growing. I want to help my clients see all possibilities for themselves too."

Find Lisa at
Suki's South Surrey


15785 Croydon Drive, Unit #106 (The Shops at Morgan Crossing), Surrey, BC

  • 5+ Years