SGc | Miguel (Juan) Torrena

Miguel (Juan) Torrena

Hair by Miguel Torrena

Color Designer
Instagram: @miguel.torrena

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Conversation starters

  • Ask which ar, fashion trends, music influence him
  • Fitness is a combination of bootcamp, training-camp, running, and working out, share your perfect routine
  • Ask Miguel about early years loving the arts, particularly painting and drawing



My Hair Moment had me frazzled

"I completed the final exam with 15 models. It was a challenge. Every model's hair had to be coloured to perfection. It was nerve wracking. The marking was section by section. I was so happy to finish my apprenticeship. I was frazzled but it was worth it in the end because passing has been, to date, my greatest achievement."

Find Miguel at
Suki's South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 


  • 5+ Years