SGc | Rawan Al-rawe

Although Rawan is a colour specialist in vibrant creative colours she enjoys doing blonde hair and has been recognized for her complicated braids that have impressed our most senior stylists.

Hair by rawan al-rawe

Coulour Designer
Instagram: @rawan_alrawe


My hair moment is more of a path of learning and inspiration

I started doing hair young, helping my mom with her hair. My mom told me to take hair school in high school but I refused because I knew I would want to take a hair program in the future. I applied for hair school and they accepted me. When I started the hairdresser school I loved it. I really enjoy working with people and making them smile and love themselves. When I started my work experience at Suki’s I found I really enjoyed the people and the place. They are really friendly here and continue to motivate me. I will not stop learning. This is just the beginning for me. I have a long way still.