KTms | Sandra Furlan

Sandra Furlan is gifted at both long and short hair, and has a unique understanding of fine hair. Her incredible sense of style is reflected in her work, which ranges from classic to current and edgy.  

Hair by Sandra Furlan

Master Stylist

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Conversation starters

  • Ask her what it was like working with some of the greats from Suki's Academy, Sasoon instructors and Toni&Guy Academies
  • Exchange an interest in fashion hair trends
  • Share tips for interior design or stories of travel and culture

My Hair Moment ... 

"When you grow up with a company, as I've grown-up with Suki's there are so many memories and experiences that have made a positive impact on of my life. 

I had only been with Suki's for a short time, really only in Vancouver for a short time. I had been invited to attend a grand hair show by Sebastian. Their hair sculpting was so inspiring that I leaned in, and told Suki. "I think I can do that." Without missing a beat she looked a me and said "Ok, you'll do that for our Grand Opening Showcase" - the public's first look at the highly anticipated Arthur Erickson designed Salon. I decided to create flowers like what I had observed. I worked 8 solid hours with my model and my work was featured in an article by reporter Fia Chantrell covering the 200 person event. My name may not have been mentioned directly, but I knew it was my work, they called 'The Rose'. I was so honoured."

Find Sandra at Suki's KITSILANO

1805 West 1st Avenue

  • 30+ Years