Hair by Tyeesha Fleming

Colour Designer | L'Oreal Professional Artistic Educator  
Instagram: @tyeeshable


My Hair Moment ...

"I think my favourite memory from my hairdressing career would be the week that I passed my final exam. I was able to attend a conference called Intercoiffure hosted in New York City where some of the top industry professionals meet to share some of the most innovative and progressive ideas. It was the perfect beginning to a really exciting career and I feel very lucky that I got to meet and learn from some really talented hairdressers. It gave me an idea of what and where I want my career to look like in the future."


Find Tyeesha at

Suki's Downtown

206 - 1030 West Georgia

  • L'Oreal Professional Artist Educator

Conversation starters

  • Her technique for selecting colours that complement your skin 

  • Classic stars like Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot inspiring

  • Films and musicals