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Vicky Luongkhamdeng

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Hair by Vicky Luongkhamdeng

Colour Designer


I can'T pick just one moment

"I don't really have an 'aha' moment in hair where I was like 'this is the one moment.' To be completely honest, I feel that way whenever a client leaves super happy and gives me a hug - or when they bring in a photo and I was absolutely able to replicate the photos. I suppose whenever I feel like I'm making someone happy and feel better about themselves. I feel like many of my clients are coming in for big changes. Rarely do I just do grey root re-touches. It's always full highlights or dramatic ombres and balayages. Hair transformations. That's why it's so hard to pick just one particular moment."


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1805 West 1st Avenue

  • Featured in 2014 BC Living, "10 Vancouver Hairstylists to have on speed dial" 


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