Why Suki's (on standby for the next hiring)

We know why Suki’s Salons is the right fit for us, but is it the right fit for you? We asked a few of our Staff and guests.


Why Suki’s

There are more opportunities than just cutting hair
— Vicki Han, Stylist
I knew Suki’s was my dream, I worked over a year to get a placement
— Daniella Legendre
Suki’s is the best, I can’t see myself working anywhere else.
— Crisie Itura Tocaj. Apprentice (Fast Track)
Suki’s pffers the best education
— Vicky Han
There is a lot of inspiration here.
— Emm Steele, Apprentice
Everyone at Suki’s is very friendly and are team players
— Vicky Han
“We stay because we love each other”
— Stavroula Douvas, Senior Stylist
Quality hair, makes you feel good.
— Mother and Daughter, Guests
Great people, great team
— Jennifer Vandekerhove
Opportunities for Leadership
— Saori