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Hair by Albana Cokaj

Master Colour Designer
instagram: @lushaj_albana


My Hair Moment tops even meeting Paul Mitchell

"The moment the client looks at you with pure happiness. There are so many moments like that. One stands out the most; it's when my regular client took the time and wrote to Suki a personal letter, two pages about her hair colour experience with me and about all experiences with me. When Suki came to the salon to show me the letter it make me feel very good. She then posted the letter in the staff room for a few weeks. That event made me aware I had found the right career! "


Find Albana at
South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 


  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 15+ Years



Conversation starters

  • Albana began her career overseas
  • Ask her where she has last traveled