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Hair by Aneta Chudzinska

Senior Stylist
Instagram: @anetachudz


My Hair Moment is built in Suki's culture and support

"One of the first things I realized being at Suki's was that people don't judge, they support each other. Suki's as a company has always believed I had talent and recognized my desire to be a good person. Suki's has offered me opportunities I've would otherwise never experienced, without Suki's I wouldn't be the person I am today. My moment is the one where I make students believe they can be a success too"


Find Aneta at
South Granville

3157 South Granville Street, 



Suki's South Surrey BC 604.560.6435

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 25+ years
  • A fine hair expert



Conversation starters

  • Share an appreciation of street fashion
  • Exchange recipes
  • Offer creative decorating tips
  • Ask her where next she will travel