Expression is Everything

Expression is powerful. Expression is healing. Expression is grounding. Expression is essential. Expression is yours. Expression is ours. Expression is Everything.


An often overlooked freedom for some. A vital part of being for others. The freedom to display your authentic self on your exterior, and the freedom in knowing your authentic self is fluid, not set in stone or defined by walls of your body, is worth celebrating.

Freedom of expression was born out of necessity, and it continues to be necessary for the LGBTQ+ community every day, in all walks of life. To honour the bravery, tenacity and creativity it takes to live authentically, we’ve partnered with some of the city’s most inspiring and mesmerising LGBTQ+ drag artists and influencers. Suki’s worked closely with them to bring our Pride campaign to life and decide how best to give back to the community.

This Pride, Suki’s will be donating 10% of proceeds from services at our Downtown location this weekend to the Dogwood Monarchist Society. 


What does this mean for you? Visiting our Downtown Salon between August 2nd and 4th ensures your direct contribution to the DMS’s non-profit charitable causes; Rainbow Refugee, Saige Food Bank, Urban Native Youth Association, Zee Zee Theatre and Positive Living. 

In the spirit of self expression, we invite you to visit our Downtown salon and allow us the pleasure of bringing your authentic self to the surface with style and colour. 

Happy Pride, Vancouver.


Sukis Digital Admin