HOW TO | create effortless mermaid wave hair

Summer is on the horizon and we want to share with you all the tips and tricks on how to create exciting hairstyles with the help from our hair experts here at Suki’s. The lived-in and effortless mermaid waves are back and the great part about this style is that it’s so beyond easy to create and can last for days with the right products! We tend to see this look more in the summer months because of it’s “beachy” texture which is also another reason why we love it so much. If you haven’t quite mastered the flat-iron wave technique yet, we are here to let you know about products suggested by Suki’s stylists which will help you achieve this look with and without the heat.


If you’re using heat you need to make sure you are protecting you hair. We love and recommend the “Nectar Thermique” by Kerastase not only because it protects your hair but it’s also a leave-in treatment that nourishes your hair.

2 | PREP

Depending on your hair type and what the texture is you may be able to skip this step. For fine hair, we recommend using a light hairspray to give it some “grip”. The “does it all” hairspray from Bumble and Bumble is a fantastic option for this look because it gives your hair a light hold, but has a brushable and touchable finish so you don’t end up with hair that is stiff!

3 | WAVE

This may take some time to master, but practice makes perfect! Begin from the root with your straightener and glide it down a couple of inches, rotate half a turn away from your face and glide, then rotate half a turn towards your face and glide. Continue until you hit the bottom part of your hair and repeat these steps throughout your head and work in sections. A common mistake: holding onto the straightener too tight so it doesn’t glide smoothly throughout your hair.

For a smoother finish, brush it out with bristle brush - this will give you a more luxe and soft feel. If you’re going for the more beachy and “piecey” finish just brush through your hair with either your fingers or a tooth comb.


This part is often missed but oh, so important. To tame any flyaways and frizz make sure you use a finishing styling cream. This new product from Bumble and Bumble is incredible, it’s a frizz-fighting “gelee” that combines the hold of a gel with the hydration of an oil - for glossy, elongated curls with movement.


Yes you can absolutely complete this look without heat and with the help of our colour designer, Angela from our downtown location shared her tips on how to achieve this look without heat. Angela’s hair is naturally poker straight and when she’s going for this mermaid wave hairstyle she uses Bumble and Bumble’s “surf spray” to achieve the look. She applies the product in her hair right after it has been washed and when her hair is about 50% dry she will braid her hair into two french braids. Then this is how she will leave her when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up the next morning, she has beachy mermaid hair that will last for days!

To get a peek of Angela’s work at Suki’s check out her instagram page here or to learn more about her and are interested in booking click here.

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