NYFW | Hair Envy

Is it that time of the year already? Fashion month has officially kicked off, and we’ve got our eye on all the different hairstyles roaming the streets of Manhattan.

What do we know so far? Hair accessories are here to stay, on the runway and off! So if you haven’t grabbed those hair clips or hairbands, now you can do so with confidence in your fashion investment! We absolutely love a high ponytail with statement clips underneath for a chic “aha” moment when the wind catches your hair. Browse our accessories on your next Suki’s visit. We stock a range of local and international accessory designers that we’re certain you’ll adore.

70s inspired tresses, sleek straight hair and luscious long locks have taken centre stage this year. Check out some of our favourite looks below from local influencers in New York and beyond!

Sukis Digital Admin