TIPS | Packing for Canada Day long weekend


Skip the forgetting and stress part of packing by following this guide that will leave you organized and one glass of pinot grigio ahead of your friends… Whether you’re skipping the traffic and enjoying a staycation, or if you’re heading out for this Canada Day long weekend; we’ve created a list of must haves to have with you to make your mini vacation even more relaxing!

Let’s start with the usual suspect yet easily forgotten - sun care
It’s that time of the year where most of us are lusting after tanned and glowing skin… but let’s make sure we are achieving this in the safest of ways. Our eyes are on Bali Body’s sun care products, they’re 100% vegan and Australian made and always offer free shipping. These products focus on hydration and have a fresh and tropical, yummy scent to them!

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Create more space
Save room by bringing along travel sized products when you can! It’s the usual suspects like shampoo and conditioner that take up the most space and are the heaviest. Lucky for you because we have found the perfect travel size kit for you from Kerastase! Check it out here. The travel pouch comes with shampoo, conditioner and a leave in mask which is perfect to use after a long day at the pool.
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Ditch the heat
While we are on the subject of using travel sized products, lets also save more space by ditching the hot tools! This is one of the biggest camping weekends of the summer and we want to help you to still look and feel your best with some of these must have products. No blow drying or styling tools needed! These two products from Bumble & Bumble are total life saviors and salon favourites. The Surf Infusion spray will give you sea-tossed waves with sheen and the dry shampoo will ensure that you have oil free roots for the entire long weekend!


Pack with a chic straw bag
Throw all of your essentials in your go-to tote bag instead of it taking all of the space in your luggage or duffel bag. Not only is this bag extremely cute and chic for summer, it’s also very useful and you can carry a ton in it.

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