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Devon Plamondon's entire career has been centered around education and the creative side of the industry often participating in events and present on stage many times at hair shows and in salons.


Hair by Devon Plamondon

Generalist(Both Colour & Cutting)
Instagram: @devon_Does_Hair

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Conversation starters

  • Ask him to tell you about his background as an educator
  • Ask about his interests attending photoshoots and creative workshops
  • Ask him about some of his favorite travel destinations



My Hair Moment(s) start with the moments of my clients

I have had many memorable moments in my career, but the part that I really truly value is the relationships I have with my clients.

I enjoy sharing moments with my clients, like when they graduate from university and get their first job or promotion. When they meet their boyfriend and then years later they get engaged and I have the opportunity to style their hair for their wedding. I celebrate them having a baby and meeting their children. I can be a support for them when they go through traumas.

I enjoy it when the clients are there for me too, supporting me in my own milestones and the ups and downs I have in my life. These are the things I love the most and are the most grateful for.


Find Devon at

Suki's South Granville


  • 10+ Years
  • Won a Contessa Award in 2012
  • Devon worked as the Education/Creative Director for a large salon group
  • He has presented on stage at events and hair shows
  • He has mentored and developed some of the most talented stylists in the city