DTss | Katie Lee

Katie's outgoing personality complements her fun, fresh and fashion-conscious style.  Katie is great at creating personalized looks that flatter your unique bone structure, hair type, and lifestyle.

Hair by Katie Lee

Senior Stylist | Instructor
Instagram @stylistKatie


My Hair Moment is my First stage moment

"I remember my first hair show i was at Intercoiffure in Las Vegas. I was young and I was fresh on the floor. I was honoured because I was selected as one of the top 10 contestants out of North America, and received 2nd Place in Las Vegas. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had from Suki’s. I’m so lucky to work at Suki’s because I can experience a lot through Suki’s. Best yet, almost every moment I’m with my guests, I feel like I found the right career. Smiles and hugs from them makes me happy every time I receive them."