DTss | Katie Lee

Katie's outgoing personality complements her fun, fresh and fashion-conscious style.  Katie is great at creating personalized looks that flatter your unique bone structure, hair type, and lifestyle.

Hair by Katie Lee

Senior Stylist | Instructor | @stylistKatie

Katie grew up with artists around her, her grandfather and aunt were both painters which is why she thought when she was younger that she would also become one. As she got older though she did transition into hair and fell in love with it as well! She loves working at Suki’s because of the people that are there with her. They have created such a positive environment to be around, they’re disciplined when needed but also know how to have fun.

Mountains, lakes, cities, her home, really anything is what inspires her every day to become better professionally and personally. She says inspiration is like happiness, it matters how you think rather than where you are.