Melissa Lau | Suki's Salon | Downtown Vancouver

Melissa Lau


Melissa always thought she would become a makeup artist because that’s what initially stood out to her in magazines and movies. When she was young though, she always played with her own hair and gave her dolls hair cuts. So when she was attending High School and realized hairdressing was available for grade 11 and 12, she naturally fell into those courses and quickly fell in love. 

There’s so many things Melissa loves about working at Suki’s but the most notable ones are her colleagues, clients, being creative and having the opportunity to teach, do shows, photo shoots, management and travel. She finds inspiration from really, anywhere… Sometimes from nature (it can be from how the colours change to the way things grow), clothing, magazines, food, to even golf. Outside of work she likes to relax, spend time with her adorable puppy and try out new restaurants around the city.

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