Mirka (Miroslawa) Medyk.jpg

Hair by Mirka Medyk

Senior Stylist
Instagram: @mirkaMedyk


My Hair Moment is appreciating the talented people before me

"I feel so fortunate to get the education at Suki's which is so strong. I learned with the best, from the very beginning. I worked with great stylists over the years. I specifically remember working as Silviana Small's assistant. Her style and positive attitude was a pleasure and I obviously loved what she did."


Find Mirka at
Suki's Kitsilano


1805 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC

  • BeautySafe Certified
  • 20+ years



Conversation starters

  • Take part in a conversation about fashion
  • Travel holds many stories
  • Polish food and pastries or other cultures are a fun chat